The store at 78 W 2nd St. in Yuma

featuring the clay art of Neely and George Tomkins with studios and a gallery

                   in Yuma Arizona’s historic north end.

Current News........

George and I just got back from a wedding in Texas. I did the dinnerware registry. You can see what I did for them on the Custom Dinnerware page. As things sold I reworked the page. I started with a list of items and the prices with pictures. I took care of all the paperwork, shipping, card greetings, etc. over the phone or through email.

I’m now working on updating the site for another wedding registry. For this we are going to star work on the site and the couple will let people know about the website address.

Summer hours:  Closed Friday, June 14th - August 19th. I will be receiving email, so please get in touch.